Supporting child
development pathways

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In partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, we undertake participatory research to develop culturally appropriate developmental measurement tools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
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We work with our campus partner, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, to distribute the ASQ-TRAK developmental screening tool, ASQ-TRAK Toy Kit and associated resources to communities. 

Through the University of Melbourne, we deliver specialised ASQ-TRAK Training to support ASQ-TRAK users. We strongly recommend ASQ-TRAK Training to ensure its faithful use and to promote sustainability. 
  • “ASQ-TRAK developmental screening is well accepted by families who participate in the program, and provides opportunity for families and educators to celebrate child strengths. ASQ-TRAK also provides valuable information for FaFT educators to support child developmental needs through targeted program planning and early intervention.”

    Amanda Docksey, Director, Families as First Teachers program, NTG Department of Education

This is an extract from Chloe Sumners artwork.

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