We have achieved significant translational success through collaborative research, with substantive policy and practice change, and increasing uptake of the ASQ-TRAK (both the tool and the training) nationwide. This has transformed the way that developmental difficulties are detected in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander context: ultimately leading to early intervention and to better developmental outcomes. 

National partnerships – including two Indigenous Reference Groups for research projects Universal ASQ-TRAK implementation across the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia Building capacity and strengthening capability in Indigenous and non-IndigenousPractitioners Significant contribution to culturally safe practices and to improving the system attempting to improve Indigenous child health Endorsement by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) = services can use the ASQ-TRAK results to support NDIS applications and improve access to early childhood intervention The ASQ-TRAKimpact

“ASQ-TRAK developmental screening is well accepted by families who participate in the program, and provides opportunity for families and educators to celebrate child strengths. ASQ-TRAK also provides valuable information for FaFT educators to support child developmental needs through targeted program planning and early intervention." 

Amanda Docksey,  Director, Families as First Teachers program, NTG Department of Education 

“We used to use another tool which was less informative. Whereas the ASQ-TRAK has been adapted and is structured appropriately for our Indigenous Australian people. The ASQ-TRAK helps early intervention to support our children’s development; and leads to improved school outcomes for our future generations. Better health outcomes for better educational outcomes – closing the gap. It is greatly accepted, and we have been waiting for something like this for a really long time.”

Raelene Brunette,
Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Sunrise Health Service
202 kits 222 kits 136 kits 98 kits 2 kits 9 kits 85 kits 69 kits The ASQ-TRAKreach 824 ASQ-TRAK kits distributed 48 are ACCHOs (37%) 129 Number of agencies (December 2022) Of these,

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