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Chloe Sumner artist. Professional photo of the physical artwork.

Title: Connections On Country


This artwork represents family, children, and community coming together. Support and connections are built. Pathways and journey lines connecting everyone gives a sense of togetherness, strength and growth.

The center represents the organisation and community. The big circle symbolises a mat, coming together, connections and strength. The journey lines come out from the circle and families and community come together from the outside. The dots represent country.

Artist: Chloe Sumner, Barka Arts

Chloe Sumner is a proud Indigenous woman from Barkindji & Maliangappa Mobs situated along the Darling River Western NSW. Chloe‘s family are also from the Gamilaroi Mob from Northern NSW and Biripi of Eastern NSW.

With a background in Aboriginal Art, Dancing & Cultural Workshops and a professional background in Early Childhood Education, Chloe has a passion for creating authentic Indigenous resources for play-based learning and education.

Chloe now works closely within community and loves to share her art with the aim to educate, close gaps and to be culturally inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture & People. 

Chloe Sumner artist. Professional Photo.

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